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Arguments Over Covered Marijuana Stores Windows in Canada

marijuana stores uncover windows

Confusion rains in Canada over whether or not fully transparent windows on marijuana stores are legal or not. Provincial governments ban cannabis dispensaries from having transparent glass, yet at the same time, some municipalities require all stores to have clear windows. 

Back in 2018, the City of Vancouver altered its licensing bylaw removing the requirement for all stores to have transparent windows. Also in British Columbia, at the same time, City of New Westminster Mayor Jonathan Coté, affirmed that he had no intention of changing his city’s bylaws, which require transparent windows. He said last year, “We don’t want to see our retail districts with stores with essentially blacked-out windows. That can have a very negative impact on a commercial retail street. It has a negative aesthetic value, and from our perspective, it negatively affects public safety and makes a street an unfriendly place to be.”

Nathan Mison Has His Say

Now Nathan Mison Vice President, government, media, and stakeholder relations at Fire & Flower has weighed in. Following a spate of robberies at their stores in Alberta, he announced in a Linked In post that the window coverings would be coming down. He says, “We will be removing window coverings where product cannot be seen from the outside, where new merchandising can be utilized to make sure product cannot be seen by youth and to create a more inviting and safe environment for our staff and customers.”

marijuana stores uncover their windows
Nathan Mison’s Full Post on Linked In

Muse Looking to Open 8 Marijuana Stores

Other leading members of the community agree on this stance. Mike McKee is CFO of JAK Group, Owners of the Muse brand. They intend to open 8 marijuana stores eventually including one in New Westminster. The local council has shortlisted one to potentially open its doors in the Royal city. He said, “I don’t like [frosted windows]. Someone could be robbing the place and no one from the outside could see it. It’s the provincial government kowtowing for some degree to alarmist elements.”

Together with Jeff Donelly of the Donnelly Group, McKee believes that the police are also opposed to frosted glass on retail stores because it is a safety risk. The Police, however, have remained noncommittal. Sgt. Janelle Shoihet  of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said that her force has “no position” on whether non-transparent windows in cannabis stores pose a safety risk.

The debate seems certain to rage on as each side puts forward their arguments. The good news though,  is that the stores are definitely staying open for business. Only today Nathan Mison posted again on Linked In stating, “Today is the day. We started in Edmonton removing window coverings at three of our stores today. All three stores have different solutions, from full removal to partial removal. More stores will be reviewed in Alberta and other provinces With Ontario opening the RSA process today, nice if the next wave of stores in Ontario opened without window coverings.”

The move appears to be proving very popular among customers and local residents. The responses at the time of writing are 100% supportive.  If anything covered windows make marijuana stores appear more sinister. As some of the replies to the Linked In post are stating. Patrick Westbrook of METHOD Innovation Partners Inc. replied, “I never liked this ruling of Window coverings, *Blackout* the windows give it a *Black Market* Feel.  Having said that, I know it would feel better for employees and the public to be transparent.”

Here at Mary Jane’s Garage we will monitor this situation and try to keep you fully informed as to any developments. 

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