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2020 report, Bees Love Cannabis, What’s Not to Like?

bees love cannabis

To discover to what extent bees love cannabis, two reports have been published in 2019. First, a report was published in March 2019 by Colorado State University This was followed by another in December 2019 by Cornell University in Environmental Entomology.  Both studies looked at the devastating effect the planet is having on the bee population and the way in which legal cannabis production could have a positive impact. 

The findings were quite surprising. For example, the latest one found that the tallest weed plants attract an amazing 17 times more bees than the shortest.  

Bees Love Cannabis

Bees are cool, Cannabis is cool, bees love cannabis, how great is that? The study explains that the new, rapidly expanding hemp product Cannabis sativa (Cannabaceae), is exclusively wind-pollinated. Although it produces no nectar, it produces large amounts of pollen,  which attract bees in large numbers. The study collected bees from the crops in New York and identified 16 different species. Plant height not only brought more bees but more varieties as well. It is determined that hemp “has the potential to provide a critical nutritional resource to a diverse community of bees during a period of floral scarcity”. Good news for the bees and good news for us.

Growers Should See Bees as their Friends

Hemp production is increasing rapidly since legalization. All those with a stake in this business should work towards supporting bee communities and look at the positive impact they have on crops before developing pest management strategies. 

Bees provide an essential service through pollination. In recent years their decline has been well documented. This is due mainly to the loss of habitat and the increased use of pesticides. Large scale intensive agriculture has had a devastating effect on bee populations with some species becoming extinct in different parts of the world. 

Climate change is another factor and a report published in ScienceMag in February 2020 points out that “Climate change could increase species’ extinction risk as temperatures and precipitation begin to exceed their historically observed tolerances.”

It is imperative that we all work together regarding both farming methods and land management practices. These threaten the sustainability of the bees’ natural pollination services upon which our agricultural systems rely. The importance of bees cannot be over-emphasized. Without them, we will lose many of the crops that we take for granted today. 

Species and Numbers of Bees Collected

A total of 335 bees from 17 species were collected from 11 sites during the sampling period.  See Table below: 

bees love cannabis

Cross-Pollination from Hemp will not Enter the Food Chain

Although bees love cannabis and will spread the pollen to other plants,  have no fear. The new study looks at the effect that bees enjoying their daily intake of cannabis rich pollen will have on other crops in the food chain. They state that  “The rapid expansion of hemp production in the United States… may have significant implications for agroecosystem-wide pollination dynamics.” However this will not turn the population into potheads as “cannabinoid-rich pollen won’t infiltrate our diets, nor will it have an impact on bee development due to the loss of cannabinoid receptors in insects.”

Hemp is a late-season crop. It flowers at a time when others are creating a seasonal floral dearth. It is therefore said that hemp will “fill in the gaps” at exactly the times when it is needed.


As hemp produces high yields of pollen at a time when other crops do not, it was found that this supports the bee communities. The effectiveness of hemp in supporting bee communities is influenced by the composition of the landscape; the height of the crops produced; and temporal factors. It is suggested that growers should consider the risks to bees when developing pest management practices. 

Hemp is a late-season crop flowering crop during a period of seasonal floral dearth. It, therefore, may be a strong candidate to enhance pollinator populations. Bees love cannabis and this is good news for all crops, not just hemp.

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Celebrities Celebrate 4/20 Day in Their Own Ways

4/20 Day humor from Miley

Celebrities around the world have been celebrating 4/20 day in their own inimitable ways. From Miley Cyrus to Don Cheadle, Celebs have been tweeting messages and sending best wishes to each other. As the World accepts cannabis as a lifestyle choice more and more celebrities are completely open about their love of the weed. 

4/20 Tweets

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Miley Cyrus

4/20 Day humor from Miley

Patricia Arquette

Don Cheadle

Ice Cube

Even Netflix Joined in

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Cannabis and Covid-19

The coronavirus Covid-19 has spread to at least 60 countries around the world. Some 3,000 people have sadly died and yet this spread is nothing compared to the fake news that is multiplying faster than the authorities can control. Who would have thought that cannabis and Covid-19 could in any way be linked? However in an Instagram post last month, a ridiculous claim was made that marijuana kills the coronavirus. We cannot stress enough that THIS IS FALSE. 

Don’t Spread Fake News

cannabis and Covid-19

It is important at this time that we separate the facts from the fake and concentrate on staying healthy and looking out for each other. The marijuana community has a responsibility here. Not only is this highly irresponsible it could land you in serious trouble. In Thailand this week,  two women were arrested for doing just this.  One in Bangkok and another in Rayong were arrested on March 3rd for spreading fake news online about the coronavirus outbreak.

cannabis and Covid-19
Woman arrested in Thailand. Photo by PornProm Satrabhaya

In Thailand, this can carry a sentence of 5 years in prison and a fine of THB100,000 ($3150) A photo immediately appeared on News sites to deter others. However, it featured the arrested woman and the police all wearing masks which also do not stop the spread of the disease.

Are Cannabis and Covid-19 Linked?

The short answer is no. However, it is important that you avoid sharing bongs and passing spliffs around at this time. We know that the virus is contracted by droplets in saliva being ingested by another person. It is also known that the best way to avoid the disease is by constant and thorough hand washing. So it really should go without saying that passing a bong or a joint round among friends is really not a great idea. 

Puff and Pass? Not for Now

We all know that sharing weed is a huge part of the cannabis culture and let’s be honest, a very enjoyable way of enjoying weed and friends at the same time. However, while this awful disease is spreading it is important that we all to our bit, to try and halt its progress. Stick to your own supply,  wash your hands thoroughly and how about an elbow bump for now, instead of a handshake. 

What is Meant by “Wash your hands thoroughly”?

This is absolutely the best thing that we should all be doing. Quite honestly you cannot wash your hands too frequently at the moment. When you wake up, before meals or drinks in a bar, after visiting the bathroom, after traveling on public transport, after visiting the mall., wash, wash, wash. And wash them thoroughly. Soap and water are all you need and you should wash every inch of your hands and wrist for at least 20 seconds on each occasion. 

Wash your hands thoroughly, still the best defense that we have.

Keep Cannabis and Covid-19 Apart

The first symptom of the disease appears to be a dry cough. If you develop a cough get it checked out and stop smoking until you do. The cough could simply be the result of a hot hit and nothing more. Also, it may of course just be the flu, but in this case, smoking is not what you should be doing.

Will I Still Get My Weed?

As shelves in supermarkets are emptying due to panic buying, many are asking if the coronavirus will affect weed supplies. It shouldn’t really. In America for example, weed can only be sold in the state in which it is grown. However, supplies of equipment may be a problem. Vapes and component parts are more often than not imported from China. The US imports some 30 million vape pens and cartridges from China every month. Shipments stopped in mid-January, during the annual Chinese New Year. They simply haven’t fully resumed due to the coronavirus.

Bloomberg is reporting supply-chain disruptions due to the coronavirus. It seems that both the USA and Canada are experiencing problems already.

Cannabis Events

As many sporting events worldwide are canceling our postponing meetings it is hard not to imagine cannabis events doing the same. There is not a lot of information at the moment but no doubt news will keep coming in as the disease progresses through 2020. It does seem inevitable that supplies of equipment for cannabis and Covid-19 will cause issues.


The best advice is to just keep calm and be sensible. Don’t believe any of the nonsense and panic on social media. The chances of you being affected are still relatively slim at this point. Forget masks, leave them for medical experts who need them to protect their patients. Avoid intimate social interactions,  don’t share your bongs and don’t forget . . . WASH, WASH, WASH!

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Ringing Endorsement for Medical Cannabis From 71-year-old Olivia Newton-John.

medical cannabis

Some amazing news from the entertainment world as Dame Olivia Newton-John declares that she is winning her third battle with breast cancer, and she puts it down to medical cannabis. For a stage 4 breast cancer sufferer,  this is a remarkable turn of events. 

The 71-year-old actor and singer is taking a CBD remedy developed especially for her by her husband John Esterling on their Santa Barbara estate in ­California. Ms. Newton-John claims her doctors are supportive of the treatment.

Medical Cannabis Shows Amazing Progress

Olivia Newton-John looked well as she appeared with Grease co-star John Travolta, 65, on the red carpet at the G’day USA gala in Beverly Hills in January. She was joined by her niece, Niece Tottie ­Goldsmith and husband John at the gala, which promotes links between America and Australia.

She said, “My tumors are receding or they’re going away or they’re staying the same. On stage four metastatic breast cancer that’s pretty amazing. I don’t see it as a battle. I am winning. For me, the proof is in the pudding and I’m the pudding. If I hadn’t had the experience I’m having with cannabis I wouldn’t be able to talk about it. It’s not a drug. It’s a herb and a plant.” 

Olivia has had a long battle with the disease which first reared its head in 1992. She fought and won that battle only to see it return and be beaten again in 2013. This third battle is even more remarkable for the Australian icon. 

John Esterling: Medical Cannabis Connections

For the past couple of years, husband John has been growing medical cannabis specifically for Olivia.  Today, he grows 21 different strains of weed, which he uses to create a tailor-made product for Olivia. It is made up of 47% THC, 26% CBD, and a mixture of other cannabinoids, including CBG, CBC, and CBN.

medical cannabis endorsement from Newton John

John Esterling founded Amazon Herb Company back in 1990. It is an herbal wellness company that merged with TriVita back in 2012. TriVita, is a well established international wellness company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. John spent 22 years working in rainforests and had been looking for the perfect merger alliance.

He said at the time, “I made a personal commitment to our leadership to find a dynamic partner that appreciates our rainforest products and is genuinely sincere about our rainforest mission. Michael Ellison {founder of Trivita] is a man of integrity and purpose whose vision is to help people experience wellness.” 

Olivier again, “I’d heard a lot from my husband about how cannabis could help me. I was a little nervous because I don’t like the feeling of any kind of mind-altering thing … but I started out very slowly, and I adjusted to it, and it’s really helped me greatly.”

She is now pushing for wider acceptance and use of medical cannabis. Her Cancer and Wellness Center back home in Australia is beginning trials. The couple are also lobbying the Australian government to grant approval of its use.  She is hoping to present treatment to the wider public. She said last year, “I hope to be able to offer that treatment to everyone.”

Performing Again

Olivia performed with singer John Farnham at the Fire Fight Aus­­tralia bushfire charity concert in Sydney on February 16. It was her first time on stage since canceling all tour plans after this most recent cancer scare.

She was also reunited with fellow cancer survivor Elton John at his Melbourne concert at the weekend. Elton John, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017, gave a shoutout to her from the stage. “I’m a fan and I respect and love you so much, and it was great to see you before the show, looking as good as you do. Bless you, forever,”

medical cannabis
Olivia Newton-John and Elton John before his Melbourne concert

Olivia Newton-John is well-loved around the world. She has gained so much respect for her bravery and honesty in tackling her cancer. This news will be welcomed far beyond the world of entertainment and everyone at Mary Jane’s Garage wishes her all the best for her continued wellbeing.

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