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The Marijuana Story: 50 Years From Back Street to Mainstream

marijuana story

It is fascinating how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the whole fabric of the marijuana story. Developments that would normally take years to occur have happened overnight as the world struggles to come to grip with one of the most dangerous enemies it has ever faced.

The Early Years

For thousands of years, cannabis has been valued as a provider of fiber and rope, food and medicine, and for its psychoactive properties. It was used in religious and recreational ceremonies millennia ago. In more recent history it was made illegal in almost every country on the planet. 

Arabia banned it as early as the 14th century, Napoleon banned it among is soldiers and The British Empire in the late 19th century. For the last hundred years or so it remained illegal Until in recent years it slowly but surely began to be looked at in a different light. 

More Recent History

The famous coffee shops of Amsterdam, of course, have been selling legal cannabis since the 1970s. The Dutch were keen to make a distinction between hard drugs and our favorite weed. The marijuana story in Holland is a checkered one. As recently as 2012 a Dutch judge ruled it illegal for tourists to enter the coffee shops. The country was getting worried about the sheer volume of tourists pouring in purely for cannabis.

Over the last few years, countries around the world have been steadily decriminalizing and legalizing cannabis to different extents. However, the outbreak of the coronavirus Covid-19 has not only speeded up the legalization but seen it becoming recognized as an essential item. 

Cannabis has come a long way in the last 50 years. And the marijuana story is moving quicker than at any other time in its history. 

The Medical Marijuana Story

The medicinal properties of cannabis have been recognized by people in the East for a very long time. It took, however, until the 19th century before it was introduced for medical use in Western Society. In the years that followed there have been incredible advancements in how the drug is administered. 

As scientists learned more about THC there has been a change in the perception and the methods of administering the drug. Whilst smoking is still the main method of using weed, edibles and oils have become more prevalent. During the late 1990s, 8 U.S. states supported the use of medical cannabis in direct opposition to the policies of the federal government. By far its most common use is as a pain reliever.

The Arrival of Covid-19

The swiftest change has come with the development of the Covid-19 pandemic. All across the world and throughout the United States leaders have been forced to admit the efficacy of medical marijuana. Instead of posturing, they have had to act and the result has been that this once illegal drug has not only joined the mainstream but is now valued as an essential item. 

the marijuana story

As Stores like Electrical retailers have had to close their doors, the cannabis dispensaries are remaining open and seeing their business increase. As many are helped by medical marijuana the legislators have simply had to acknowledge the benefits that it brings especially as people are holed up inside their homes. 

If these dispensaries were closed down now, there would be a mass rush back to potentially addictive opioid problem coupled with a multi-billion dollar business slipping back into an underground black market business.

In America, this has been vividly demonstrated. Terrapin Care Station has 4 stores in Colorado. when the Denver mayor threatened to close them in the recent lockdown the people went crazy. Terrapin communications director Peter Markus, “We saw massive, massive panic. We had lines around the corner at every weed store in town. It took all of two hours before the mayor realized he screwed up bad.” The dispensaries simply had to remain open.

Advantages of Weed Whilst in Lockdown

The use of marijuana as a stress and anxiety reliever is well documented. We pointed this out in a news story yesterday regarding a Dee Dussault article on the Merry Jane website. 

People are obviously anxious at this uncertain time in our history. There has never been a better time to enjoy a soothing smoke or to get the benefits of some CBD oil. It will not matter whether you are isolating alone or with a partner both carry their own inherent stress triggers. 


And so it is easy to see the way that the marijuana story has suddenly taken a turn for the better. To have it recognized as an essential item across America and Canada is a massive indictment for the drug. This will give a huge fillip to weed users everywhere at a time when good news is in very short supply indeed.

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Albania to Legalize Marijuana

legalize marijuana

Long regarded as one of Europe’s biggest illegal trafficking hub, Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama has just announced plans to legalize marijuana.

Legalize Marijuana and Kill the Black Market

Albania has been one of Europe’s leading producers of illegal weed. It is hoped that by legalizing it,  it will be the end of the black market and all that goes with it.

The country has been taking on the illegal market for years and this is seen as a natural progression. As Prime Minister Rami puts it,  “Illegal cultivation is completely under control. This is the third or fourth year of consolidation. We plan to pass the bill in this session of parliament.”

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International News

The value of the European Cannabis Market is €240 million:

European cannabis market

Unbelievable figures are coming out of the European cannabis market. Sales for 2019 are an amazing €240 million ($260 million). This means that it is feasible that the European market could in the near future overtake the American market.

Alfredo Pascual an International Analyst for MJBizDaily states in his report “This report provides industry leaders and investors interested in the European markets with a realistic estimate of current market sizes and a detailed analysis of the countries where the most opportunities exist.”

Exciting Figures For the Cannabis Market in Europe.

The signs are that the initial market trends are mainly medical but recreational cannabis use is bound to follow. Pascual again, “While the long-term expectation of Europe being a massive medical and, eventually, recreational the cannabis industry continues to show promise, this report highlights the reality of the market today, including the actual sales and the regulatory frameworks that exist in the main European markets.”

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Dr Jane Goodall Launches CBD Range

Dr Jane Goodall

In quite amazing news the legendary anthropologist, Jane Goodall is so convinced of the benefits of cannabis that she is launching her own CBD brand. Her 60-year career has helped to change the way in which people view nature. Her message of love and hope is a beacon to all on how to treat animals. 

Jane Goodall was born in London some 86 years ago and has made primatology and anthropology her life’s work. Now she has joined forces with Canadian Neptune Wellness Solutions who are based out of Quebec. They originally were known for Antarctic krill oil production. However, they now operate a huge licensed cannabis processing plant in Quebec, CA, and a hemp processing facility in the U.S. in the state of North Carolina.

Dr. Jane Goodall and Neptune Wellness Solutions

Jane Goodall and Neptune have joined forces to co-develop a range of CBD products from which parts of the proceeds will do towards rainforest conservation work. One of the products they are marketing is a range of hand-sanitizers to help limit the spread of Covid-19. 

In a press release issued on April 21st, Dr. Goddall says, “I am very pleased to partner with Michael Cammarata and the team at Neptune Wellness Solutions to develop natural, plant-based products that support health and wellness in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner. This marks my third partnership with Michael and reflects our mutual goal of enabling consumers to make ethical purchasing decisions to create a better world for all living things.”

Jane Goodall and Michael Cammarata

Dr. Jane Goodall and Michael Cammarata

Michael Cammarata, of whom she spoke is the Chief Executive Officer of Neptune Wellness Solutions. He added in the press release, “In light of COVID-19, we believe there will be a renewed focus and emphasis on personal self-care. The purchasing decisions consumers make to support their health and wellness will have a lasting impact on the environment and our collective health and wellness. I am delighted to partner with Dr. Goodall again to bring natural health and wellness products to market that will support our mutual goals of environmental conservation and reforestation, while at the same time delivering healthier consumer solutions.”

Donations to Environmental Causes

Neptune made an initial donation of $25,000 and will further donate 5% of all sales from the products to the Jane Goodall Institute. Anyone purchasing products will be able to further direct an additional 5% to help Jane Goodall’s work. They can do this by entering a promotional code “DrJaneGoodall” as they purchase. 

Speaking of our relationship with animals Dr. Goodall made this very timely point, “The health of people, animals, and the environment are interconnected; this pandemic demonstrates this. However, if we all make ethical choices, every day, our collective power for change is great.” 

The partnership between Dr. Goodall and Neptune is through the Forest Remedies™ brand DNA and ongoing support of One Tree Planted. This is a non-profit business that focuses on global reforestation. For every item in the product range that is sold, Forest Remedies will contribute to the planting of a tree. The aim is to assist in the rebuilding of the world’s forests to create a much more sustainable environment in the future.

Cattle raising alone has led to the earth losing an unbelievable almost 20 million acres of rainforest each year. This is why hemp production is so important. Hemp accounted for 128,000 acres of land throughout the United States in 2019. That is just 0.6% of the amount of Amazon rainforest that we lose each and every year. We all know the importance of our rainforests, they not only support a myriad of wildlife they help to control entire weather systems. 


This is a hugely significant partnership for the further acceptance of cannabis products. Jane Goodall is one of the most important figures in the world of environmental understanding. Her approval of CBD products will have a massive impact on how they are viewed across the globe.

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