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Hollywood Stars Marijuana Gifts at the Oscars

Hollywood stars marijuana gift bags

Hollywood stars marijuana use often causes gossip and speculation in the entertainment media. Once again this year the news wires are buzzing with the news that all Oscar nominees will have cannabis products on the big night. But all is not what it seems.

The Oscar nominees are used to getting expensive luxury items in the famously over the top expensive gift bags that are handed out every year at the ceremony in Los Angeles. As with 2019, the gift bags, valued at $100,000, will once again contain products from marijuana companies.

Hollywood Stars Marijuana Pronouncements

Hollywood stars marijuana use is not new to controversy, many have admitted using weed. Lady Gaga famously talked about using marijuana as a way to alleviate anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Speaking in Rolling Stone Magazine Miley Cyrus openly advocated for marijuana claiming it was “the best drug on earth” during a 2013 interview. Of course, the Beatles famously used cannabis throughout their touring years, leading to possession charges against them.

California, of course, legalized marijuana for recreational use. This has signaled the industry to respond by agreeing to the inclusion of some marijuana products in the famous goodie bags.

Getting Round the Legal Issues

The list of the Hollywood stars marijuana-infused gifts in 2019 included: chocolate truffles, facial moisturizing cream, and free membership to Los Angeles’ first legal cannabis-friendly club. The gifts caused issues with the academy last year, due to a legality problem. 

Even though weed is legal in the state and Hollywood is home to the first marijuana licensed restaurant, it is still illegal to gift cannabis at public events. So under Californian law whilst the actors can legal partake of the drug the Hollywood stars’ marijuana may not arrive in the form of gifts. 

In addition to this, the academy realized the chances of one of their members receiving a gift then crossing state lines illegally would be great. So in 2019, the stars received products from marijuana companies but they did not contain any cannabis.

This year they will get edibles from Coda Signature which won first place in the High Times Colorado Cup 2016 edibles category. The chocolates come in distinctive flavors: Fire & Orange, Tiramisu, Juniper Lemon, Burnt Caramel, and even, Coffee & Doughnuts. Coda Signature has been smart in getting around the legal problems.

hollywood stars marijuana goodie bags

Coda Signature is a Denver-based manufacturer of marijuana-infused products which include: chocolate bars, gummies and bath bombs, They are proud to have been given a spot inside gift bags for the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony.

At the 2020 ceremony next week, the chocolates will not contain any cannabis products. However, each box of chocolates comes with a coupon enabling the receiving famous clients to enjoy a free home sampling at a time of their choosing. The home tasting will be guided by Coda’s top chef, Lauren Gockley.

Gifts to Enjoy Cannabis at a Later Date

Chef Gockley in her owns words enthuses about the products, “I have been a chocolatier for thirteen years and have always sought out unique ways to explore the magic of cacao. After learning more about the physiological effects of cannabis and their similarities to cacao, I could not resist pursuing such a powerhouse partnership.”

Besides, because Coda Signature is not legally able to provide THC-infused chocolates to the nominees, they will include “IOUs” which will permit the Hollywood greats to collect THC-infused versions of their favorite flavors from licensed marijuana stores or dispensaries, free of charge.

So nominees such as Joaquin Phoenix, Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks, Cathy Bates, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Anthony Hopkins can, if they choose, enjoy cannabis-infused edibles in the comfort of their own homes. As weed becomes socially so much more acceptable it will be interesting to see how many take up the offer. 

See the full list of Oscar Nominees here

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Cannabis Cooking Show Series 1: a Huge Netflix Hit

Cannabis Cooking takes yet another huge step into the mainstream with an amazing new Netflix series. With $10,000 prize money at stake for the winner of each episode, the new 6 part cooking competition is attracting big audience numbers. As the show says in its introduction, there is a revolution taking cooking by storm, and it is all because of the star ingredient, cannabis. 

In each episode, three top cannabis chefs compete to provide a fabulous three-course cannabis-infused meal for the judges. It takes cannabis cooking to a whole new level and brings it fully into the mainstream. Their kitchens are fully stocked with traditional ingredients but also a whole array of cannabis edibles.

Cannabis Cooking Judged by Experts

The judges are singer and culinary expert Kelis and Portland Oregan’s best-known cannabis chef Leather Storrs. In each 30 minute episode, they are joined by celebrity guest tasters. It’s fun and games all the way and the judges soon get into the spirit of things. 

The Netflix show is a face-paced wise-cracking ride through cannabis edibles and as you can imagine the judges get as baked as some of the dishes. As the loaded Appetizers, Mains and Desserts appear the judges and guests get high on excitement and of course the food itself. 

Episode 1 Grilled Backyard BBQ

cannabis cooking

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Chefs: Amanda Jackson, Nate Santana, Cynthia Sestito

40 years of experience between them, it’s Long Beach CA, meets Californian Skateboard cook and experience New York State old hand. The larger than life chefs really bounce off each other as the competition hots up. 

Episode 2 Global Eats

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Chefs: Brendan Darby, Harold Sims, Melissa Parks 

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Episode 3 I Do Cannabis

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A Cannabis Technology Company expert takes on an ex-football player and DC. Chef and German-born cookbook author.

Episode 4 Futurist Food

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Chefs: Chris Yang, Heather Feher, Brooke Egger

A fine dining restaurant owner and chef does battle with a newbie cannabis chef and a very experienced, grower, edible maker, delivery driver, and chef. In this episode, the chefs give us a glimpse into what the future of cannabis cooking might just be like.  

Episode 5 High Holidays

Celebrity panel: Alaska Thunderfuck, Amanda Seales, James Jones, and Michael Rapaport.

Chefs: Liv Vasquez, Derek Upton, Patrick Mulcahy

A chef who travels around the States running pop-ups that educate people on Cannabis in food, an ex session drummer turned cook and a Boston based stoner restaurateur and dinner party host. The chefs had to choose a holiday and go for it. We ended up with Ramadan, Thanksgiving, and a whole selection of other holidays. Enjoy those traditional holidays while getting as high as a kite. 

Episode 6 Comfort Food To High Cuisine

Celebrity panel: Jeff Dye, Mike E. Winfield, Brooks Wheelan, and Jade Catta Preta.

Chefs: Danielle Bruno, Matthew Chase, Manny Mendoza

Orange County chef Danielle brings her bubbly personality to the table to take on Manny a cannabis events runner from Chicago and Californian cannabis chef and ex-con Matthew. This is probably the toughest brief of the 6 episodes and it is fascinating to see how the chefs handle it. 

The overall feel of the show is fun, but don’t be fooled, these guys re seriously good chefs and anyone watching will be interested to try some of these amazing looking marijuana-infused meals. The show definitely takes cannabis cooking to a whole new level. 

I think if they really want to sell the idea of both cannabis in food and the show itself, Netflix will need to try and temp some A-listers onto the show for a possible series 2. Very few of the 24 celebrities on show across the 6 episodes will mean anything to anyone outside of the American bubble. 

That being said, it’s a great idea and a fun show which gets cannabis edibles in front of a new and growing audience. 

Check out the show on Netflix 

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4/20 Day humor from Miley

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4/20 Tweets

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Miley Cyrus

4/20 Day humor from Miley

Patricia Arquette

Don Cheadle

Ice Cube

Even Netflix Joined in

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High Times Hemp Cup 2020 winners

High Times Hemp Cup

Let’s have some good news for a change eh? The High Times Website posted the winners in its highly prized Hemp Cup for 2020. This is a spin-off of their Cannabis Cup which is arguably the most prestigious awards ceremony in the Cannabis industry.

Hemp Cup Categories

The Cup has 8 different categories and the winners,  runners up and third place get mentioned in all of them. From Best Flower right through to Pet Products all aspects of Hemp use are covered. 

Get the full list of winners on the High Times website

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