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Marijuana Law

Medical marijuana licenses for terminal patients in Oklahoma to be made available faster under proposed changes to the law

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority requires an average of 9 days in which to process a medical marijuana license.

But Republican state Sen. Deny Standridge is proposing a new law that would speed up that process and reduce it to 5 days for any terminally ill patients.

Standridge said he believes reducing the time required for terminally ill patients to be issued their identification cards would make for more effective use of medical marijuana.

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Marijuana Law

Virginia the 27th State to Decriminalize Cannabis

decriminalize cannabios

On Sunday, Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia announced that the state is to become the 27th to decriminalize cannabis. From now on possession of cannabis for personal use no longer, means jail time and is simply a civil penalty carrying a fine.

To decriminalize cannabis is hopefully the first step towards full legalization.

This is not yet legalization of weed but hopefully, that will follow at some time in the future. Advocates for full legalization complain that as selling weed is still illegal, it makes buying it an offense.

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Marijuana Law

Marijuana Raids Still Going Ahead Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

marijuana raids

You would think that law enforcement has bigger fish to fry than conducting Marijuana raids during this crisis, but we are hearing differently. An article by Zach Harris on Merry Jane highlights that from coast to coast drug raids are still going ahead. 

Marijuana Raids in Oklahoma and California

Police in Oklahoma raided a home grow site in Harrah. Arresting two suspects they confiscated 2,600 cannabis plants. Meanwhile California police have carried out black market cannabis raids, despite an increasing number of their own officers testing positive for COVID-19.

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Call for Cannabis Prisoners to be Released Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

cannabis prisoners

An article appeared on the Leafly website this week arguing for the release of any cannabis prisoners serving time during the coronavirus outbreak. It is hard to argue against such a move.

As Covid-19 appears in Jail it’s time to release cannabis prisoners.

cannabis prisoners

There have been positive cases in rosins in four different states. A coalition led by the Last Prisoner Project has called for the immediate release of all inmates convicted of non-violent crimes in federal, state and local facilities. In addition, they want a total cessation of arrests, trials, and prosecutions for non-violent marijuana crimes.

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