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US Marijuana Sales Spiking in the Covid-19 Crisis

marijuana sales

As the world goes into an unprecedented shut down to fight the Corvid-19 pandemic, marijuana sales appear to be staying robust and in many states across America, they are actually spiking. How much of this is due to people stockpiling their stash and how much is an actually an increase in use remains to be seen. 

As more and more people are confined to their homes across America, deliveries of Cannabis have been increasing. Obviously, people locked inside their homes are going to want to do something to fill the time and one of those activities that will increase will be smoking cannabis. It is not then surprising that marijuana sales have increased. 

Cannabis Ruled An Essential in Some States

These numbers have been helped by some of the States’ legislators ruling that cannabis is an essential item. As stores selling non-essential items, like electrical goods are forced to close, cannabis has been given official recognition in states like California, Colorado, Michigan, and Oregan. This means that cannabis stores can remain open. 

Following stay at home orders in the Bay Area of San Fransisco, marijuana sales shot through the roof spiking at 150% of the same period in 2019. Headset is a marketing research company specializing in cannabis. Whilst talking about edible products which may become the most popular because customers are taking precautions to avoid infection, their director of analytics Liz Connors said, “It shows that a lot of people think cannabis is just another consumer good, like beer or wine. It’s probably the easiest way to get high without touching your face very much.”

It appears that women and young people are accounting for much of the sales growth. 

Increase Marijuana Sales Decreases Inventories

This week Headset reported that in general inventories of cannabis are declining as consumers appear to be either stockpiling or hitting their bongs more often. Two examples of this are California and Colorado. Average inventories in California normally meant enough stock supplies to last 5 weeks, now it’s closer to three and a half. Whilst over in Colorado five and a half weeks has become four and a half. 

marijuana sales increases by %

On Monday of this week Denver whose medical marijuana sales are ruled to be essential all recreational shops being told to close on Tuesday for three weeks. This prompted long lines outside the city’s stores. As the lines grew the Mayor reversed the ban and they are currently open again. These are confusing and uncertain times and rulings will change rapidly as the pandemic changes. 

Back in California meanwhile, Local Business Caliva, reports that business is booming with double-digit increases in figures for March. The last two weeks have seen record-breaking sales with their delivery service also increasing dramatically.

Caliva’s President says, “We know that many cannabis users rely on our products and services for their ongoing well-being, so having a delivery option that can continue to service them during these unprecedented times is something we’re proud to keep up and running, of course with the safety of our own employees and our community front of mind,”

One Exception to the Trend

There is one exception here. Nevada has seen a swift drop in footfall in its cannabis stores. The City of Las Vegas is wholly dependant upon tourism. The famous strip has become a ghost town as the many thousands of tourists stay away. Local retailers here are saying that they are now carrying enough stock to last almost 14 weeks, double the amount they held before the outbreak of Covid-19.


It seems clear now that the Covid-19 pandemic is here for a long time. All expert opinion says that it could last for many months and could well return at any time. Until a vaccine is found we are all in very uncertain times. Hopefully, the one product that we all love, cannabis, will continue to be available and marijuana sales will continue to increase. 

Stay safe and stay well, people. 

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