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Growing Hemp Pays Double

Growing Hemp

Here at Mary Jane’s Garage, we are the last people to disagree with growing hemp, but now there seems to be even more reasons to get involved in the hemp growing industry. It is not just a case of wanting in on a great crop and a wonderful worldwide community, it makes complete financial sense. 

In recent years it has been soya beans and corn that have captured the news headlines for being the best cash crops. That is, however, all about to change.

The latest data collected from the United States’ Department of Labor, paint a very good picture as to the benefit of growing hemp. The data was drawn from a survey conducted by Hempstaff, a marijuana recruiting agency. It concluded that workers in the hemp industry make about double those in similar positions farmer different crops. 

How Does Growing Hemp Compare?

A breakdown of the figures shows that farmhands in hemp fields make about $52,000 a year. This compares to the $24,620 earned annually by those tending to more common cash crops, like corn and soy.

This pattern also applies to managerial positions. Farm managers on non-hemp farms make about $68,000 per year. By comparison, a manager growing hemp can expect to earn between $100,000 and $125,000 per year.

Salary Comparisons for growing hemp

Needless to say, over time this is likely to see the very best talent drifting away from traditional crops in favor of the marijuana industry. It will be interesting to see how traditional farming intends to fight this trend.

Is This a Permanent or Temporary Trend?

There are no real clues yet as to whether this is a short term trend or if it will continue the way it has begun. Farmworkers feel like they have been undervalued for a very long time and with Hemp growing Farms ready to pay top dollar for top talent, there is a steady drift in their favor. 

Tim Gordon is the chief science officer for Denver-based company Functional Remedies. He is also managing director at International Hemp Solutions. Talking to Hemp Industry Daily, he said, “The disparity is real and has caused some issues on both sides of this proverbial fence between mainstream ag and hemp. On the hemp side, workers are demanding significantly higher wages for very similar field-style ag jobs and getting higher pay because of the demand for labor in a new agricultural sector.”

growing hemp
Tim Gordon. Photo: Functional Remedies

Some feel that he slow movement on Cannabis decriminalization and legalization will in conjunction with the general oversupply of hemp in recent years, mean that salaries will start to level off again. It remains to be seen though, whether workers who have gotten used to higher wages will readily accept a decline in the future. 

Todd Downing is a managing partner of Best Human Capital and Advisory Group. Based in Indianapolis, this is a well respected human resources consulting firm. He foresees trouble ahead, “Looking at the supply chain challenges that have affected the hemp industry, it’s almost been a perfect storm that hit all at once. Companies are looking at their bottom line and they’re seeing that they can’t sustain the level of compensations in the industry that they thought they could because of all these challenges.”

The Effects on Traditional Farms

This differential in pay is obviously hitting farm owners in the traditional cash crops sector. Farm owners and ranchers rely on low-cost labor. They are losing workers who in their search for better lifestyles are drifting naturally to the hemp growing side of the business. 

Tim Gordon again, “The other side of the coin is that some traditional farms or ranches are seeing their workforce diminishing as hemp farming rises in popularity and brings better financial opportunities for workers.”


It is good to see the hemp growing industry talked about in the same way as traditional farming. As cannabis becomes more and more accepted, we predict that there will be a lot more conversations of this nature. 

Whether or not the high salaries are with us for good or whether this is just the right place at the right time, remains to be seen. It does seem most likely though that the salaries in the cannabis industries and those in traditional cash crop industries will meet in the middle.

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Buyers Guide to Legal Cannabis Dispensaries

Legal Cannabis Dispensaries

Maria Loreto writing in Fresh Toast this week has come up with a handy buyers guide for people visiting legal cannabis dispensaries for the first time. It’s full of useful information.  From the perhaps obvious,  take your ID with you to legal rules and regulations.

Legal Cannabis Dispensaries are Classed as Essential

During the Coronavirus, pandemic rules are ever-changing but classing marijuana as essential goods means that many are shopping for the first time.

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6 Top Women Cannabis Advocates

The whole cannabis industry is very much an equal opportunity platform. As such many top women cannabis advocates have become household names around the globe. All nationalities and religions have their place in what is becoming one of the fastest-growing industries on Earth. 

6 Top Women Cannabis Advocates

1: Mara Gordon

One of the 6 top women cannabis advocatesAs top women cannabis advocates go they don’t get any better than Mara Gordon. She is the woman behind Aunt Zelda’s, the pioneering, developer of cannabis-based plant medicines. A long time advocate of medical marijuana she is a researcher as well as a successful entrepreneur. With a background in process engineering, she has created marijuana medicines that are used bu thousands of people all over the world. She is outspoken against some of the more dubious advocates in the industry and has given some amazing Tedx Talks. 

She co-founded Aunt Zelda’s in 2011, which originally operated as a collective and as regulations were constantly added and changed in California she created a standardized range of CBD oil products and made them commercially available. They specialize in strain-specific, full-spectrum medicines that have high concentrations of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds.

In addition to her many Tedx Talks Mara has appeared on stages before audiences all over the World. She has been featured in the award-winning documentary Weed the People and such films as The Medicine in Marijuana, Mary Janes: Women of Weed.

2:Emily Paxhia

top female cannabis advocatesEmily Paxhia co-founded Poseidon Asset Management of which she is now Managing Partner. She is graduate Skidmore College, gaining a B.A. in Psychology in 2002 and New York University from where she earned her M.A. in Psychology in 2008. Poseidon is thought to be the longest-running cannabis investment fund in the World. It has $105 million in assets under management.

This was a huge task to undertake in the early days. Persuading people to invest in cannabis was not easy. In the 6 years since she formed the company, things have certainly changed. As she herself puts it, “6 years later, finding those service providers is much easier. They now have about 6 years of an investable landscape to look back on and see what it looks like. And you can sometimes extrapolate what that might look like for the future.”

Emily has reviewed thousands of companies within the cannabis industry and has worked with countless professionals in different positions. She has sat on the boards of three portfolio companies and acts as an adviser to many other teams. Emily remains very active in the decision making and ongoing investment oversight processes for Poseidon. Working closely with her partners, she creates well-thought deal structures and oversees proper governance. 

In addition to all this, Emily supports policy groups and has been board members of the Marijuana Policy Project and the Board of Athletes for CARE and Treehouse Global Ventures. She remains one of the most respected women in the industry and is certainly one of our favorite top women cannabis advocates.

3: Martha Stewart

It would be easy to write a whole book about Martha Stewart, not just a paragraph here. Born in Jersey City in 1941, She attended Barnard College of Columbia University, began a career as a stockbroker, Became a TV chef and author, produced her own magazine, and a famous TV presenter. She has long been one of our top women cannabis advocates.

In 2004 she was famously found guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of an agency proceeding, and making false statements to federal investigators. She received a 5-month jail sentence. 

She teamed up with her friend Snoop Dogg to present TV shows once again and once again began presenting her own TV cooking programs. In 20198 she teamed up with Canopy Growth, a Canadian marijuana company. Together they have developed a range of hemp-derived products. Using CBD, the range caters to pets, in order to help them live healthy, active lifestyles. 

4: Tulsi Gabbard

top women cannabis advocatesTulsi Gabbard is a giant when it comes to top women cannabis advocates. She was a major in the Hawaii Army National Guard, serves as U.S. Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district. She is the first Hindu member of congress and was a candidate for the Democratic nomination of the Presidency.

Born in 1981, she is a long time advocate for the legalization of marijuana. In fact, in her formal Presidential campaign address, she launched a scathing attack on a justice system that, “puts people in prison for smoking marijuana while allowing corporations like Purdue Pharma, who are responsible for the opioid-related deaths of thousands of people, to walk away scot-free with their coffers full.”

She sponsored the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act. This would remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act, allowing states to make their own choices about cannabis policy.

She has been responsible for cosponsoring many cannabis-related bills. In April 2019 she introduced legislation that is designed to end prohibition by federally de-scheduling cannabis. She said of the bill, “This is affecting those dealing with opioid addiction, this is affecting farmers, this is affecting small business owners, this affecting our veterans and those who are locked up in our broken criminal justice system because of this prohibition. That’s what my bill seeks to do: end prohibition very simply.”

5: Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopeeeee for Whoopi, that’s we say! One of the first truly big female stars to put her head above the parapet in support of the cannabis movement. In 2016, together with Herbalist Maya Elizabeth, she founded the Whoopi & Maya range of marijuana-based PMS treatments. This truly pioneering company was a conversation starter for marijuana. They offer a range of bath soaks, salves, and tinctures. 

Sadly the pair split in February 2020. The company folded. However, Whoopi remains a staunch advocate for Cannabis treatments. Some cited differences between the two whilst others claim it was the constantly changing laws in California that simply became too much for them. 

Whoopi has been outspokenly in favor of marijuana since her teens when she smoked weed to help with menstrual cramps. She remains one of the top women cannabis advocates.

6: Dr. Lakisha Jenkins

Dr. Lakisha Jenkins is a master herbalist. With a doctorate in naturopathy, she is a member of the American Herbalist Guild and a founding board member of the California Cannabis Industry Association. Her impact on legal cannabis in California has been immense. She has written many laws to legalize weed in the Golden State. She is an expert at marrying herbs with CBD to create authentic n natural medicines.

Her life has not been without tragedy, and that is what drives her on. Her daughter Kiona was diagnosed with brain tumors in 2002 at the age of 8. Back then, of course, all CBD derivatives were illegal and Dr. Jenkins was forced to look on helplessly as her daughter’s illness took her. Kiona passed away in 2006.

Dr. Jenkins says of the event, “I was informed that the State of California knows what’s better for my daughter than I do and that if I did anything different than conventional treatment, then I’d be acting outside of medical advice and that I would be a threat to her. Unfortunately, I was forced to accept, but while she was going through chemotherapy and radiation, I started researching and studying for my doctorate, and figuring out other holistic alternatives.”

Dr. Jenkins’ ancestry is Choctaw Indian. She drew upon her heritage to study natural herbs and medicines. Apart from being one of the top women cannabis advocates in the World, she is a strong voice for minorities trying to work in the cannabis industry. As she puts it, “There’s a privilege that is associated with being a white male in this country, you don’t have that same type of fear that other minority groups or other people do and you’re more in a position to take a risk in jumping into this industry.”

We salute her and the difference she is making for women, minorities, and the cannabis industry in general.


This is by no means a complete list of top women cannabis advocates nor is it intended to be. There are more and more women now making their marks in the cannabis industry. Politicians, celebrities, growers, and users, entrepreneurial women are coming together strongly in support of our favorite herb. Long may it continue. 

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International News

The value of the European Cannabis Market is €240 million:

European cannabis market

Unbelievable figures are coming out of the European cannabis market. Sales for 2019 are an amazing €240 million ($260 million). This means that it is feasible that the European market could in the near future overtake the American market.

Alfredo Pascual an International Analyst for MJBizDaily states in his report “This report provides industry leaders and investors interested in the European markets with a realistic estimate of current market sizes and a detailed analysis of the countries where the most opportunities exist.”

Exciting Figures For the Cannabis Market in Europe.

The signs are that the initial market trends are mainly medical but recreational cannabis use is bound to follow. Pascual again, “While the long-term expectation of Europe being a massive medical and, eventually, recreational the cannabis industry continues to show promise, this report highlights the reality of the market today, including the actual sales and the regulatory frameworks that exist in the main European markets.”

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