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Medical Marijuana News

Australia: Cannabis Prescriptions to Hit 70,000 in 2020

cannabis prescriptions

Australian health regulators expect the number of medical cannabis prescriptions will climb to more than double in 2020 reaching 70,000 by the end of the year. Some experts are saying that the final number will be even higher. According to a report by Matt Lamers on the Marijuana Business Daily International website. Cannabis Prescriptions only moving in One Direction.

Cannabis Prescriptions Continue to Climb

The Department of Health sent in a submission to a Senate committee that is studying the country’s medical cannabis access. They wrote, “Even if there were no increase to the current rates of prescribing, by the end of 2020, about 70,000 prescriptions are anticipated to have been written in Australia.”

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Medical Marijuana News

More Evidence that Medical Marijuana Can Reduce Opioid Dependency.

medical marijuana

It has long been argued that medical marijuana can be an effective tool in the fight against opioid dependency. Now a new study, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, has found what it describes as  “behavioral economic evidence” that this can be true is patients using it for pain relief. By using an online survey the researchers were able to assess the frequency and dependency of both opioid and cannabis use in adults.

Medical Marijuana Strongly Beneficial Compared to Opioids

The Survey showed, “Adults reporting current use of opioids for pain management and past 30-day cannabis exposure…completed two hypothetical purchase tasks in which only grams of cannabis or units of participants’ index opioids were available for purchase, and two hypothetical tasks in which both were concurrently available and the price of one drug increased whereas the other was kept constant.” 

This is terrific news for advocates of medical marijuana use.

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Medical Marijuana News

Scotland Gets its 1st Cannabis Farm

cannabis farm

It was only two months ago that Scotland’s first medical cannabis clinic opened. Not it’s all set to get its first medical cannabis farm. Legal issues have been overcome and the farm in question has been given permission to build a huge 3.7 acre greenhouse to grow medical marijuana. 

Cannabis Farm comes Just 2 Years after Legalization of Medical Weed in the UK.

The family business run by William and Neil Ewart is in Langholm in the county of Dumfriesshire in the West of Scotland. All the crops grown in the greenhouse will be processed to manufacture cannabis oil which will, in turn, be sold to British pharmaceutical companies.

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International News

Medical Cannabis up 50% in Italy in 2019

medical cannabis in Italy

It was a very good year in Italy for medical cannabis with sales staying ahead of the Netherlands. Patients in Italy were responsible for the purchase of 861 Kilos (almost 1,900lbs) during the year. That is a huge increase on the 578 Kilos) purchased from Italian dispensaries during the year 2018. 

Italy Still Behind Germany on Medical Cannabis Sales

A huge amount is imported from the Netherlands, however the domestic growing market is steadily improving. It is hoped that in spite of the coronavirus pandemic, which has had a devastating effect in the country, Sales will stay high for 2020. 

Germany, Italy and the Netherlands remain the big three markets in Europe. 

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